Liquid Flow Meters for Drug Delivery

HHT int banner pms158 2014Bronkhorst® Coriolis mass flow meters are now available for National Metrology Institutes as proven, stable transfer standard for low liquid flow calibration. Syringe pumps and other infusion devices for medicines can be validated for their accuracy to ensure the safety of patients during their care.

Within MeDD, the joint research project for Metrology for Drug Delivery, various primary standards are developed for the calibration of infusion devices and flow meters. These standards, or calibration facilities, have been developed for liquid flow rates at ambient pressure and temperature. The combined range of flow rates for the various standards amounts between 1 nanoliter and 10 milliliters per minute.

Goal of the intercomparison is to validate the various standards by means of comparing the calibration result for a so-called transfer standard. This transfer standard (in this case a flow meter based on the Coriolis principle) is calibrated by all labs after which the calibration results are compared. Four labs of the MeDD consortium already participated in the intercomparison, however now also VSL and Bronkhorst® participated as a supplement of the main intercomparison.

The calibration setup of Bronkhorst consisted of Coriolis mass flow meters in the range of 1 to 200 g/h,  determining the real mass flow, in combination with a close-coupled control valve. Due to this unique feature, the DUT (Device Under Test) itself established a stable flow that was compared with measuring results of a balance (reference). These measurements show that the standards of VSL and Bronkhorst® are consistent with
the harmonized value earlier found.

For more info please contact:
Bronkhorst High-Tech BV, The Netherlands
Contact: Mr. W.B. van ‘t Wel

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