Unique Dutch food-floral collaboration at opening Holland Pavilion


The opening of the Holland Pavilion in Hall 3, by prime minister Rutte and bundeskanzelerin Angela Merkel was accompanied by a presentation of an unique Dutch couple: Yuri Verbeek, a culinary chef with an amazing passion for food and Pim van den Akker, a floral designer. Yuri is always creating new ways to explore and enjoy food, Pim stretches the boundaries of floral materials and techniques to amaze himself and others.

Together Yuri and Pim create amazing shows that combine Food, Fashion and Floral. The immense passion and creativity that erupts when they create together is challenging all and everyone that are around them. In may 2011 they made the first Floral Food Fashion Show together. On Monday april 7 they presented a short show at the opening off the Holland Pavilion. Models, dressed in Van den Akker’s floral creations parades the stage. At the same moment guests could taste and enjoy the culinary artworks of Verbeek. A symbiosis of typical Dutch products, with a surprising and overwhelming effect.

Both the dresses and the food creations were made out of Dutch products. Verbeek and Van den Akker used elements that represent typical Dutch characteristics. Like a dress made out of oyster shells, that is accompanied by a culinary creation off seafood. The show ended with a new variety of a typical Dutch appetizer: Dutch cheese, combined with a bright orange syrup of paprika and an edible flower.

Website: www.yuripim.nl / www.flowerfactor.com

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